All foundries and fact'ries will work overtime
To fire every ingot and further refine
To melt it and smelt it and make it all clean
I stopped up a delta to build a machine

My machines have seamless parts
A two-stroke engine gives them heart
Apart from me, they know no fear
Just burning bones and searing gears
Half-formed souls here
Are wed to metals
In a rust-proof kettle
Quick-set and leveled
And the best like cattle
Wait their cue in a line
Then a test of mettle
In a shower of lime
Arabesque embeveled
At the base of their spines
My reddened devils
Take their turn and take time
To purge the last man from the memory cache
By a logic bomb with the bio feedback
Then cold and calm take their place among ranks
Of golden rods and platinum planks
I play the odds
Probability: yes
I'll kill the gods
Pass a law against death
And entropy
Won't do a thing to me
My machine army
Will eat the heliosphere
And come back to me
Alpha Centauri?
That's a snack for tea
They'll eat GRBs
And still roar for more
Of that starry ore
Tasty accretion disks or
Mysteries we missed
My factories enlist
From the diesel pits